orangutan habitat conservation los angeles ca

It is not your typical public zoo. These dens of incarceration are slowly but surely being outlawed. If not that, they are being ostracized. And it certainly is not a petting zoo for children. Other more effective and humane means have been found to educate both children and adults on the importance of conserving one endangered or threatened species after another. And one of the most threatened fauna species on this living planet is the orangutan, alongside chimpanzees, gorillas and an entire host of other primate species, so closely related to homo sapiens.

The famous chimpanzee conservationist, Jane Goodall, is one of the many patrons of the privately run orangutan habitat conservation los angeles ca enclosure. It could be argued that among all the esteemed patrons of this important conservation area, one Ms. Dianne Fossey would have been given a welcome mention. But alas, she was brutally murdered some years ago whilst doing her part to preserve the lives of the troubled gorillas, deep in the heart of the African jungles. Ms. Goodall, thank goodness, has been allowed to continue with her sterling work on saving the chimpanzee.

And now it is the turn of the conservationists whose primary objective is to look after the orangutan, a primate that originated from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Further east of this the earth’s largest continent, much work is now being done by the Chinese to look after the adorable pandas. But some work, in fact, so much work still needs to be done to rescue the Asian bears that are being cruelly maimed and incarcerated by so many ignorant and callous people whose only thoughts lie with making money out of cruelty.

Speaking of which, NGOs such as this one could do with your help as well.