They are the cutest of things. Until they go bananas. Like a wild bunch of apes after the zoo’s gates have been left open for them to roam free and cause havoc. Of course, you would not wish for that to happen to your little dog. Because what if it should run into the road? Good bye little one. It was nice having known you, even for only a few short weeks that just flew away. We were having so much fun, weren’t we?

Time always flies when you are having so much fun. And don’t you wish you could collapse into a snug little corner like they do after you’ve finished your playing and take a really great nap. They call it catnapping. And the funny thing is, all the little dogs are doing it just as much. There is a good reason for this. It is not a reflection on you. Of course, you welcome this. Finally. Peace and quiet. Those of you who are struggling to establish borders for the wild ones can always turn them over for a bout of dog borders hillsboro or training.

Or if you really, really need a break from them, you can turn them over to the kennels. It is not a nasty thing you are doing. You are not neglecting the little animals. And not a reflection on you but the folks that are seeing to the kennels are probably doing a far better job than you could manage. When it comes to animals, they’re real pros, you see. They’ll train them, they’ll discipline them, they’ll feed them right.

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They may even take them for walks. Something you should be doing if your dogs are big enough. Turns out its good exercise for you as well.