holistic animal consultations

Those of you who have held a young pup or kitten in your arms since, oh, so many years ago, may have recollections of the commercial preaching that went on then. Because the young cat or dog’s diet had to be prescribed, you were told that in terms of (animal) health advisories, they could only eat this food; or that food. And usually, it was packaged in easy to open cans. All this turned out to be quite convenient for the busy pet owner.

Because all he or she needed to do was whip open a ‘can of the best’. And the animal’s meal was served within minutes. You could heat in the microwave, or you could serve it just so. And the remainder of the tin’s contents could be tightly sealed and stored in the refrigerator, ready for the animal’s next meal. Feeding a small cat or dog just twice a day could never have been easier. So convenient for the modern urbanist.

Who, really, it has to be said, deluded himself in believing that he had such a great love for animals. All it takes is commonsense and nowadays, holistic animal consultations, to realize that you have been on the wrong garden path all this time. And these days it is so much easier to realize that you have made a grave mistake, now that you are being bombarded with litanies to do with organic and natural feeding habits.

If natural food is just so much better for you than processed foodstuffs, conveniently sealed in a tin can, how much better is it for small and vulnerable pets. And this is what holistic animal consultations will be revealing to you when you take your little ones in for the obligatory medical exam.