Many individuals are interested in horses, but you can’t learn how to ride one by reading books or watching videos. The most effective way to learn how to ride a horse is by getting the proper horse equipment vermont trainers require and getting on a horse.

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Before Riding Your Horse

Before you get on your horse, you will need to learn several skills. These skills can vary from tying and grooming horses to leading them. You’ll need this training in order to get a better understanding of horses and how to safely mount and ride them. It will make the experience much more enjoyable when you trust in your horse and feel a connection to them.


Once you’ve learned some basic skills, you must then learn to saddle up and prepare for your first ride. There are several different saddles and bridles that you may need to learn how to put on and take off of your horse, such as the Western saddle.


When your horse is saddled and ready to go, you can mount your horse with confidence. Try not to rush, especially if it’s your first time, as you will need to get the proper stance and footing in order to sit correctly and comfortably in the saddle.

Your First Ride

The first time on a real horse can feel a bit awkward – you haven’t gotten the hang of balancing and it just doesn’t feel like your body knows what to do with itself. Your muscles will need some time to adjust to the newness of horse riding, which is why you will start off walking your horse and build up slowly to a trot and then a run.

There is much more to learning how to ride a horse, but to ride one safely you should master the basics and understand the fundamentals of riding horses and all other skills that it requires.