Having a pet that you can love and enjoy is a vital component to many people’s lives.  Taking home a puppy that acts up however can quickly become a costly and aggravating experience.  For those that are experiencing this type of situation or know someone who can relate knowing some basic canine obedience pine co tips can help in calming your aggressive animal.

Show who is boss

When we have an aggressive animal, it is important to first establish dominance.  If you act or show weakness to an animal, they will literally eat you alive.  When showing your superiority, you want to make yourself look and appear bigger than you are.  When your animal sees that you are the alpha they will typically back down.

basic canine obedience pine co

Never be violent

Never hit or strike your animal.  When you do this, you are only reinforcing their violent behavior.  Many animals that act aggressively are doing it out of fear.  Many shelter dogs or dogs with previously violent owners will take this behavior as standard and engage in it out of habit.

Engage in social interaction

When you engage your animal with other animals you want to make sure that you have total control over them.  Just like humans getting to know others of their kind will help to build a bond and as such a chain of shared behavior.  Engaging your animal in social behavior when they are too aggressive may cause more issues then they solve, however, making this a part of your training exercise will benefit them in the long run.

Be Patient

You will want to be patient in your training.  Nothing happens overnight and trying to force the results you want will only result in negative results.  With this said you still need to be proactive and work on building their skills on a daily basis.  Follow a routine and be aware of your results and failures.