When you are jittery you are nervous as can be. But when the dog gets jittery, you are going to know all about it. You are on your edge sometimes, that is only natural. But when someone is finding himself having to endure the symptoms of PTSD, you should know that something serious must have happened in that person’s life. But it is a dog’s life, and it can be a lot worse for the canine. And yet, thank heavens for canine ptsd new york city ny clinics.

If the vet finds that the dog is suffering from a bout of PTSD, he will surely recommend that you take the dog in for regular therapy. You may even find that you will be summoned on occasion to attend these therapy sessions. The dog can be trained to cope with its hard life but you would not wish to alienate yourself from the dog. You would want to see to it that the dog still regards you as its master and its charming best friend, someone it can always depend on.

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PTSD is the acronym used for those suffering from what is known as post traumatic stress disorder. That, as was said earlier, basically means that that person is still suffering from the memories of something bad that negatively impacted his life. And for a small canine, it can be so much worse. You can never under-estimate the dog’s bark. It is not always alerting you to possible danger. It may be issuing its own call for help.

Needless to say, you do need to spend more time with the dog. That is something the dog trainers will be teaching you. While the dog learns to cope, you are also being taught to cope.